In 2005, Ludo, creative director of a leading athletic lifestyle brand, came across an article written by Petr Hlavacek describing the oldest shoes ever found. These belonged to Oetzi, the iceman, and dated back to 3300B.C. The shoes were quite remarkable considering the time period – made of deer skin stitched to a bear skin sole with an internal woven net filled with dried grass and moss for warmth and comfort. Inspired by Oetzi’s ingenuity, Ludo realized he could redesign this iconic shoe incorporating today’s trend, comfort and technology. Hence the concept of OeTZI3300 shoes was born.

Fast forward to May 2009, to a time when Ludo was bedridden for 2 weeks with herniated disks in his lower back. The only movement he could tolerate was going for a walk on the beach. The soft sand under his feet made his back feel better. For company on these walks he took Cowgirl, his French bulldog , who over the 2 weeks became acquainted with Spot, the splitting image of Cowgirl except that he was a Boston Terrier with reverse coloring. Spot’s owner Skip, a avid surfer who looking for a change from a 30 year law career, and Ludo walked and talked while Cowgirl and Spot became best friends.

At some point in these conversations the boys started talking about the business plan that Ludo had been working on over the prior 4 years and was near completion.